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Educational Toys

 Braxy Speech Therapy provides

 functional + motivating + engaging 

therapy to children of all ages

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Evaluations & Therapy

We provide virtual & in home individualized, speech therapy for:
• Feeding Therapy
• Late Talkers
• Speech Sound Disorders
• Autism/Scripting/Gestalt
Langauge Processing
• Stuttering
• Pre Reading Skills
• Literacy
• Comprehenison
• Early Language Skills

Parent Coaching

Workshops, guides, support, etc. to make time with your children more fun/effective for their development!


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What parents are saying...

"Since day one we felt welcomed, I knew my son was in good hands. I felt that Ms. Bradi understood my concerns right away and she created a plan for my son that would fit his needs. Since then my son has made a lot of progress, looks forward to his sessions with Ms. Bradi and is an even happier child. He wishes everyday was Monday."

"Our son cries every time he leaves Ms. Bradi's sessions. He loves being her, feels safe with her, and loves to learn from her. What more could we possibly ask for?"

"Since working with Bradi- Gio went from only recognizing letters and about 15 sounds, unable to write any letters to correctly identifying all 26 letters and sounds, reading over 15 sight words and has started reading and writing consistently. He looks forward to their weekly visit and is excited to carry over the work they do during their sessions throughout the week. He is so proud of himself and seeing this change in him has brought us so much joy!"

Take a peek at some of Braxy's sessions!

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